Instant Pot Bacon-y Green Beans & Mushrooms

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... It's when my mom makes the best roast lamb that I look forward to all. year. long. Yet, Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without a steaming dish of Bacon-y, Mushroom-y Green Beans either -- and now this recipe is adapted to the Instant Pot! Serves 4 to 6.



  1. Place green beans in inner pot of pressure cooker.
  2. Add enough water to barely cover the beans.
  3. Put on the lid of your cooker, checking that the seals and all components are in good shape, including being in the sealing position.
  4. If using an electric cooker, set to high for 1 to 2 minutes (fresh green beans) or 3 to 4 minutes (frozen green beans).
  5. If using a stove-top cooker, bring to high pressure and maintain pressure for a cook time of 1 to 2 minutes (fresh green beans) or 3 to 4 minutes (frozen green beans).
  6. Once cycle is complete, if using an electric cooker, hit the Cancel button to turn off the heat.
  7. With a stove-top cooker, remove from heat.
  8. Place a towel over the pressure release knob and allow pot to do a quick pressure release.
  9. When pressure is released, open lid.
  10. Drain green beans into a colander.
  11. Set aside.
  12. Turn pressure cooker to Saute function, or put stove-top cooker over medium heat.
  13. Add bacon.
  14. Let fat render.
  15. Add onions and garlic.
  16. Add mushrooms a little later, in time for them to get soft, but before bacon is too crispy.
  17. Once bacon is crispy, onions are translucent, and mushrooms are soft, either turn your electric cooker off or remove stove-top cooker from heat.
  18. Add green beans back to the cooker, splash with vinegar and stir to combine.
  19. Season to taste. Enjoy!

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