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  1. Infinity Jars 200ml air-tight, light-proof, heavy-duty glass soap pump dispenser, value $31

    If you make any homemade soaps with essential oils or herbs, the air-tight and light-proof qualities of this glass soap pump will help prevent your essential oils from degrading in potency! Woohoo!
  2. Aroma Foundry's Grapefruit & Lime Essential Oils, value $36

    Grapefruit and lime are my favorite fun AND useful scents! I not only use them for homemade cleaning products, I love to put 3 to 4 drops of each in my diffuser and it creates a very "Sprite" soda aroma! :-)
  3. Private "Book Club" Group on our site to talk about the bundle resources... what you've learned and are learning from the resources in this collection! value $99

    Psst... this private group is on our OUR site, not on social media. This means that everyone can take part and that we are more private and secure!!!! :) 

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