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The textbooks are comprehensive printed courses in and of themselves. In each one you can thoroughly learn a single topic of Traditional Cooking, such as fermenting, sourdough, or culturing dairy (just to name a few from among our courses). Each textbook contains many, many recipes and how-tos that demonstrate the “how, what, and why” of each topic in Traditional Cooking!
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40% OFF Allergy-Free Cooking Softcover Textbook x1
This textbook shows you how to cook around your family’s food allergies and sensitivities while serving nutritious and delicious meals that give your child every possible advantage for healing from food sensitivities — all on a shoe-string budget!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Cooking Outside Softcover Textbook x1
Want to do more cooking outside, beat the heat and make life more fun and interesting? Even simple meals taste better when cooked outdoors! The fresh air and the invigorating feeling of being outdoors really work up an appetite! From cooking over an open fire, to charcoal, to a gas grill, and even to canning, we'll cover it all!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese Softcover Textbook x1
In this textbook, you will learn how to make cheeses, drinks, spreads and sauces that unlock the power of milk’s fat-soluble vitamins, probiotics, and healthy fats. The beneficial organisms that you add during the culturing process cause an explosion of life-affirming vitamins, minerals and enzymes that you can’t get from any other food or cooking process. It’s truly a cornerstone to healthy living!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Dehydrating Softcover Textbook x1
Do you want to give your family peak-season freshness, flavor and nutrition even during the bleak winter months? Then this textbook is for you! You will learn how to dehydrate every food group — fruits, veggies, broth, meats, beans, grains, eggs, dairy, herbs, and mother cultures — and then bring them back to full richness, flavor and vitality whenever you want a quick, nutritious meal.
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Einkorn Baking Softcover Textbook x1
​Einkorn is the ancient wheat that families used long before hybridization, GMOs, and chemical processing. It’s as close as you can get to baking exactly like people did in ancient times. ​I’m delighted to bring you a whole textbook on Einkorn Baking and share my recipes, tips and tricks with you!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Fundamentals I and II Softcover Textbooks x1
The skills in this textbook set were carefully selected to give you a sturdy jumping-off place into the world of Traditional Cooking and a behind-the-scenes peek into how real moms create healthy, nourishing meals that honor God and family!
$120.00 $72.00
40% OFF Lacto-Fermentation Softcover Textbook x1
Long before the grocery store sold pickles in glass jars, moms knew that serving homemade pickles at dinner time was a great way to top off a meal and stop tummy aches before they started. In this textbook, you'll learn how to “pickle” foods to make them more nutritious, stay fresh longer, and taste even better by letting the food develop its own complex flavors and pleasing textures.
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Pressure Cooking I and II Softcover Textbooks x1
Pressure cooking is so fast and efficient, and produces amazingly tender and moist foods. In this textbook, I'm showing you how to use traditional methods (like soaking) and whole food ingredients in your pressure cooking... so it's also healthy!​ To follow along with this textbook, you can use a "smart" pressure cooker like the Instant Pot or your trusty stovetop pressure cooker.
$100.00 $60.00
40% OFF Real Food Kids Softcover Textbook x1
Would you like to have confidence that your children will be able to cook their own healthy meals now and when they grow up? This textbook will help you create your own Family Kitchen that churns out amazing food, laughter, silly songs, and life-long healthy cooking skills. This textbook is based on one simple idea: “Everyone eats, everyone cooks.” :)
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Sourdough A to Z Softcover Textbook x1
Learn the secrets for creating healthy, delicious breads that thrill the pickiest eater, satisfy the biggest eater, and support the healthiest eater, all while honoring a frugal budget, fitting into a busy lifestyle and bringing your family closer together!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Women's Health Softcover Textbook x1
Christian women need health information, tips, and recipes that support all the stages of a woman's life! We traveled far and wide to bring you guest experts — like Penny Lane, CNM, DNP​ — to answer your questions about Women's Health from a God-glorifying, healthy perspective. To help you implement all the foundational, natural health info, we also get in the kitchen to share gobs of recipes and DIY tips! So you can "look good, feel good, and do good"!
$120.00 $72.00
40% OFF Healthy Baby Softcover Textbook x1
Babies don’t stay babies forever! Eventually, we all must transition from milk to “meat”. Is there a way to introduce solid foods that maintains breast milk’s protective effects and where children learn to LOVE all kinds of real, nourishing foods? The answer is a resounding yes! And we'll show you how and what to serve in this textbook!!
$80.00 $48.00
40% OFF Healthy Diets Softcover Textbook x1
With all the healthy diets out there, which one is right for you? Keto, Paleo, GAPS, Trim Healthy Mama, AIP, Whole30... ???​ We'll explore all of them so you have the information you need to choose the right one for YOU!
$80.00 $48.00

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Our favorite recipes come from you...

Thank you!! As I was making our monthly menu plan yesterday, I realized that a big majority of our recipes now come from Traditional Cooking School! Thank you for this service! I have a family of picky eaters, and yet some of our absolute favorite meals have come from you. Awesome!!

Heather C.

Best course material!

So far the best course/material I have seen out there. Not just the basic stuff. Very, very useful and interesting. THANKS

Lenka H.

Terrific program!

I found your Youtube videos and got two of your eCookbooks. I’m enjoying all your information. You’re amazingly organized and have a terrific program. What I love the most is your love for God and living a life pleasing to Him.

Beverley S.

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30-Day Guarantee

We know you’ll love our learning materials and that’s why we’re giving you a full 30-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give your money back. Please note: shipping & fulfillment costs will be deducted from any refunds.

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