At Traditional Cooking School, we're all about empowering you to get your kids in the kitchen! And there's no better place to start than snack time. Here's an easy summer snack the kids can make on their own -- no knives or heat involved.

Frozen Melon Kebabs

Here's a fun idea to keep your kids busy WHILE they make their own snack -- no knives or heat involved. Cut open and seed the melons first, then step back and let your children do the work! You will need a melon baller and some wooden skewers (or metal skewers). Makes 6 frozen melon kebabs. (But remember -- you can increase the number of kebabs by using more melon!)

Course Snack
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours 20 minutes
Author Lindsey Dietz


  • 1/4 of a medium watermelon
  • 1/2 cantaloupe seeds removed


  1. Using a melon baller, scoop out balls of melon.
  2. Thread the melon balls onto the skewers, making fun patterns of your choice.
  3. Place finished skewers on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
  4. Place in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours, or until solid.
  5. Store in the freezer until ready to serve.
  6. Have fun and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

*Use any type of melon! We used watermelon and cantaloupe because those were available to us. Honeydew melons are great too, or use this as an opportunity to try some lesser-known melon varieties such as sprite melon, canary melon, or Korean melon!

*The amount of melon you use will depend on how many kebabs your children want to make. For us, 1/4 of a medium-size watermelon and 1/2 of a cantaloupe were plenty.

*Having a summer party in the near future? Give the kids the job of making this easy summer snack for their friends or party guests!