Homemade Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soap

We love using essential oil infused foaming hand soap, but we do not love the price on the refills. ;) So I figured out how to make our own refills. Use whatever essential oil you prefer; I'm using this immune boosting blend. This is a great task to get the children involved in, plus you can stretch your soap A LOT farther because you need so little soap in a refill -- it's mostly water!

Course Household & Health
Prep Time 2 minutes
Servings 1 pump-full
Author Wardee Harmon



  1. Add water to fill within 1" of the top of the dispenser. You need enough room for the other ingredients and to put the pump lid back on.

  2. Add liquid soap, oil, and essential oils.
  3. Replace pump lid.
  4. Dispense soap as needed. Use and enjoy!