DIY Airlocks

Easy to make and economical airlocks for fermenting!
Author Wardee Harmon


  1. I first drilled a 3/8? hole in the top of the lid (secured with a clamp on a work bencwith a 3/8? drill bit and drill.
  2. Then I inserted the grommet, which was not easy to do.
  3. I had to use a small flat headed screwdriver to help get it into place.
  4. When I went to wedge the end of the airlock into the grommet, it wouldn't fit snuggly, so I had to remove the rubber grommet and drill a slightly bigger hole.
  5. I'm unsure of the size of the bigger bit, but it was the next size up.
  6. Then I inserted the grommet and the airlock fit better.
  7. Nice and snug.

Recipe Notes

I purchased 3/8" rubber grommets at the hardware store.

I purchased the airlocks at a local wine and beer hobby store. They have all kinds of groovy stuff!